Jan. 4th, 2006 06:58 pm
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i don't really know what to say, or how to respond...
but, here's a few pictures anyways...

Fara )
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i don't know if this has been used before or not..

last night, i thought up a slang term for the female orgasm:
driving six white horses

- as in "she'll be driving six white horses when she comes"

get it?
i thought it was remarkably clever last night when i thought of it.
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american patriotism: is it even worse than american apathy?

before 9/11/01, most americans didn't know or didn't care about their government's foreign policies. then the 'unthinkable' happened... but instead of asking WHY someone would retaliate against the USA and its people this way, the majority of the american public just cried out for blood. suddenly, patriotism was 'in' again....

flag-waving is cool! show your support! think with your heart, but not with your brain!

i'm not saying the attacks were justified... i don't think any kind of violence is justified. (just thought i'd get that accross.)

i'm disgusted by a populace who have been too interested with what britney was wearing to the grammys to even notice the horrible things its government does right right under its nose..
... and it hasn't changed all that much since 9/11. sure, the people know a little bit more about what's happening in the world now (at least the bits spoon-fed to them by CNN), but now they won't dare question the government's policies. it would be 'un-american' of them to doubt the supreme wisdom of george w bush.

he's the president! he knows what's best for us!

i said earlier that these attacks were a retaliation.
think about that... nothing happens without a reason.
the american people would better serve their country by discovering WHY and solving that problem, instead of just waving their flags and screaming for blood.


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